SunRiver Condominiums

Are Dogs Allowed?

Dogs are allowed by owners only. Owners are responsible to clean up after their pets or fines will be issued.

Tenants caught with dogs will generated a fine to the owner and increased each month until eviction is enacted.

Do You Have an Office That Does Nightly Rentals?


SunRiver is not operated as a nightly rental location

Some owners do nightly rentals of their own on sites like AirBnB, VRBO or HomeAway

Where Can My Guests Park?

For anyone that will park less that 24 hrs they may use any spot that is open and NOT COVERED.  The covered spots are reserved for either #1 or #2 tags of residents and cars without pass will be towed.  

We prefer cars to use the lots on the East or West end.

If the guest will stay longer than 24 hours please contact management for a pass under 1 week. If needed more than that the purchase of a #3 pass is recommended.

Does the Complex Have Quiet Hours?

We ask that after 10pm noise is kept to a minimum and nothing prior to 8am.

If there is a violation management will be called then the police department.

What if I Do Not Have a Car While Visiting?

That generally is fine.  We are located right on the Eco Bus Route which can go into Vail or out to Eagle. (More info on our Avon Town Page)

Also the mountains are gaining popularity with services like Uber/Lyft which can often offer cheaper prices than the Taxi service that have been around.

Do You Offer Any Shuttle to Airports?

We do not offer any service to or from the airport.  The main services for this would be CME or Peak One Express.  They can do pick up at standard locations or private residence for extra fees.

What Are the Pool Hours & Details?

The hours are 9am to 10pm

The Hot Tub is open all year

The Pool is open Memorial Day to  Labor Day pending weather

The use of the pool is to owners, renter and their guests.

Must be 16 or older to use alone and pets are never allowed

What Can Be in Common Areas?

Common decks are for the use of all owners but we do allow owners to have reasonable‐sized potted plants and deck furniture in good condition (to be determined by the management). 

However, none of these items can block access in or out of your unit, so to meet Fire Codes, they must be kept at least 4 feet from any door.

Any items stored under or chained to the stairwells will be removed without notice. However, if you wish to store a bike outside, you may chain it to the bike racks provided around the property.

What Can I Store on My Private Deck?

Private decks (limited common elements) are for the owner's enjoyment. The owner is responsible for snow removal on his/her private decks. Failure to do so will result in the Association undertaking removal and billing the owner accordingly. This is especially necessary for the top‐floor units.

Each owner may have the following on their decks:

  • Deck furniture in good condition and live potted plants
  • 1/2 cord of firewood, neatly stacked
  • A gas or electric grill. Charcoal grills are not allowed and will result in a call to the Fire Marshal.
  • Kayaks and bicycles. These items may be hung but must not extend beyond the building boundaries.

All other items are prohibited from being on the owner decks without permission of the Association.

Who is Responsible if My Renter/Tenant Causes Damage to Common Area?

The owner of the unit is always responsible and the one who will be fined for any damage or violation by a renter/tenant 

What About Trash/ Recycling?

We are lucky to have both trash and recycling.  There are 2 trash dumpsters and 1 recycling.  These are emptied twice a week but we do ask that you consolidate trash to the best of her ability as they do feel quickly during busier times.

  For larger items such as a furniture, construction debris or any other item cannot fit into a normal trash can we ask you to contact a manager as these do generate additional fees through our traction removable services that owners must pay. If found the fee and fine will incur to the owner.

Do You Have Common Area for Activities?

The area by the office next to the river does have some limited games and exercise equipment.

This area is to be used at the risk of the individual and SunRiver and its affiliates take no responsibility for any injury